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MA.SA. Dolciaria s.r.l.    
martedý 21 maggio 2024
MA. SA. Dolciaria s.r.l. - Novità - Novelties - Nouveautés
MA.SA.Dolciaria s.r.l. - Cones and WafersThe our seventy-year-old specialisation in the production of cones and wafers and the use of selected and natural raw materials allow an incomparable quality product made in fragrance and strength too present in a various range of shapes and tastes.
The whole… to valorise the Artisanal Ice-Cream!

Now we produce an important variety of products that we invite you to watch:

The Cones The Cups The Wafers
The Trunks The Shell The Rolled Cones
The Gluttons Novelties
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