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MA.SA. Dolciaria s.r.l.    
martedý 21 maggio 2024
MA. SA. Dolciaria s.r.l. - Novità - Novelties - Nouveautés
MA.SA.Dolciaria s.r.l. - Cones and Wafers - Foggia - ItalyThe MA.SA. Dolciaria s.r.l. is an italian firm situated in Puglia, a region in the South of Italy and exactly in Foggia near the Gargano.

We want to help you to find our factory showing a map. Putting on the map we shall give up you another help.

MA.SA.Dolciaria s.r.l. - Cones and Wafers - Run from Bari
Zona Ind. ASI LocalitÓ Incoronata 71100 Foggia ITALY - tel. +39.0881.630828 - fax +39.0881.666191
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