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MA.SA. Dolciaria s.r.l.    
martedý 21 maggio 2024
MA. SA. Dolciaria s.r.l. - Novità - Novelties - Nouveautés
The MA.SA. Dolciaria begins its production activity in 2003, but its history has farther roots.
It needs to come back at 1938 when Luigi Strippoli gives rise to TRE SANTI. In 1962 his children Antonio, Graziano and Michele continue the tradition founding the new company called TRESSANTI.
It is the first firm in the South of Italy to buy automatic machines and to produce rolled cones and so it becomes Leader in the field for quality product at national and international level.
One of its partners, Antonio, with his wife Celestina and his children Luigi Massimo and Sabrina constitutes the MA.SA. Dolciaria s.r.l. having the aim to assure at TRESSANTI firm continuity, tradition, technological innovation.
The MA.SA. Dolciaria begins its production in january 2003 making important investments on new machines to guarantee its customers for variety of products and making attention to the improvement of quality.
In fact, in the laboratory, it has been activated a control quality system.
From the month of may 2003 it begins the direct delivery of its products and the ones for ice-creams having as market the town of Foggia, its district and borderlands; in september, then, it is active the confectionery-pastry service.
Zona Ind. ASI LocalitÓ Incoronata 71100 Foggia ITALY - tel. +39.0881.630828 - fax +39.0881.666191
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